Joining LiveNow has been one of the best decisions that I have made in my life!

Torria EvansLive Now Fitness Member

“Where do I begin? Joining LiveNow has been one of the best decisions that I have made in my life! Coming here has helped me grow in ways that I didn’t think was possible for me. I have learned how to eat to live and and how to treat my body. It has not just been about the weight loss (Down 65 lbs beginning 2/19/18 😍), but also the things that I have gained that are immeasurable, such as learning healthy eating habits, realizing that I can make and keep commitments to myself, friendships and accountability partners, more knowledge of self and one of the greatest gains for me is that every coach and staff member sends us positive affirmations and in turn this has helped me speak positive daily affirmations to myself! That is huge for me because I used to sabotage myself with negative thoughts and discouraging words…No longer do I do that because I love ME! LiveNow has truly helped me Mentally as much as Physically! I feel like I have the energy of a teenager and the confidence of a Lion! LiveNow is definitely the perfect fit and a place I call my second home! If you want to make a change in your life and See results come join the family at LiveNow, I cannot be happier here!!!!”

Weight struggles have been real for me my whole life!

April Johnson-BeltLive Now Fitness Member

“When I was younger, I was trying to gain weight. The wise women in my life that I shared this with, all said the same thing (laughing) “Just wait baby, it’ll come!” Fast forward 20yrs and they were right! 🤨

In 2014 I lost 20lbs by doing bootcamp 3 nights a week with my son’s track club and making a conscience effort to change the way I ate. I was loving the new me and knew I had found my new way of living. Life events hit hard in early 2015 and I gained ALL of my weight back plus some. ☹️😔

Getting back in shape was nowhere on my radar. But as time went on and clothes continued to fit tighter and I continued to become out of breath simply by just getting up from my desk at work, I knew something had to change.

I had been stalking LNF for some time 😂😂😂 and watched my friends transformation. Soooo…on January 1st 2016, I stepped foot into the LaB (LiveNow) for the first time. It was a GREAT workout that had me down for 4 days!! 😳😂 I was on the fence about joining, thinking about the cost and the time I would need to invest. BUT, I found the time and the money and committed to the program.

LiveNow Fitness for me is much more than just a place to work out; it’s a place where I get#STRONGER physically and mentally, it’s a place where I feel SAFE to work on me; it’s a place where I can laugh at myself. Not to mention, it’s comfortable because I’m doing this with others who are doing the exact same thing!!

The atmosphere and family environment is not what you expect from a gym. We push each other 🙌🏽, we laugh at one another 🤣, we tease one another 😜and most importantly, we pick each other up!!! 💪🏽❤️

I walked in the door weighing 178lbs and with the help of all the LNF coaches, and my FitFam, I am standing at 135lbs!!

Forever GRATEFUL and ready to crush the next goal!!”

When I joined LiveNow, all I wanted was to get back to my pre-pregnancy body.

Nshombia MarrowLive Now Fitness Member

“When I joined LiveNow, all I wanted was to get back to my pre-pregnancy body. The awesome coaching staff, great music, fun workouts and AMAZING camaraderie with the other members helped me to achieve my goal. Not to mention I learned how to eat better, lost over 20lbs (which I have kept off) and got STRONGER along the journey.”

This is the BEST investment I have made in MYSELF in a long time.

Kia McWilsonLive Now Fitness Member

“YOOOOOO!!!! Listen up!!! #LiveNow Fitness is the absolute TRUTH!!!
This is the BEST investment I have made in MYSELF in a long time. I came for a consultation on January 17, 2018 looking for holes in this man’s (David S. Girton Jr.’s) program. I found none!! He was confident in his product which made me feel a “little” better about! 😂 He asked me about MY goals, MY life and MY daughter, all positive things in my book. It also let me know he was genuinely interested in ME. Well, even after the consultation I was kind of sold 😊, but still had to think about it. Two weeks later….I got my A$$ off the COUCH!

February 1, 2018 was the beginning of my new life! I was finally tired of being sick and tired, depressed and withdrawn from life. I felt like I was just going through the motions, I hardly ever went out anymore, most of the clothes in my closet did not fit and lastly, I was very moody. 😩😩😩 In my short three months, Coach Girt has helped me change my habits and not judge me for the ones I’m still working on. I am more cognizant about what I put in my body, breakfast matters now, eating light at lunch matters and less carbs definitely matter. My palate has opened up to Almond milk, plant based protein, Zucchini Soup etc….. I faithfully work out at least three days a week and NOTHING gets in my way (ask my daughter)!! I am stronger, I am wiser about my food selections, I am more confident in myself and last but not least I am seeing results.

Oh Yeah, did you hear me when I said I was seeing results!! Down 13lbs and 4 inches!! 💪🏽❤️💪🏽❤️💪🏽❤️ I love the motivation Coach provides, from personally speaking to everyone upon entry in the lab to personally encouraging us while we’re working and telling us it’s okay to a (short) break, if needed. We receive unexpected handwritten encouraging post cards as well as an email from time to time.

Bottom Line my #LiveNowFiTFaM is one of the best I’ve ever had! Some days I can’t wait to workout even though I know I will probably complain, sweat beyond belief and talk trash to Coach….It’s worth it!!! Truthfully, there are some days when I am not feeling it, but the moment I walk into the LaB, it makes me wanna “get that work”

10.2lbs down and 2.5inches off the belly!

Amanda Schwenk HarmanLive Now Fitness Member

“I started at LNF about 6 years ago, I’ve gone down 20lbs and up 70lbs, and am currently on my way back down. This fitfam has seen me through weight struggles due to thyroid and autoimmune flare ups. They have cheered me on when I’ve gotten back to feeling like myself, working out through my entire pregnancy, and have always been there for a pep talk when I’m feeling down about where I’m at.
I signed up for the LBDP because I was feeling discouraged with the stagnation in my weight loss and needed something to focus on. I was eager to begin feeling like myself again and wanted to try something new. The meal plan, my accountability partner, and the support system of LNF has made this work for me. I’m back in my old clothes and more importantly, starting to feel like my old self again.”

You Can't Beat the Fork

Nicole DayLive Now Fitness Member

“What does that mean you say? …Have you ever heard someone say “I workout so I can eat what I want” or “I workout to maintain?” Well, that was me! I always could go hard in gym, but I went even harder in the kitchen. Lol Boy, oh boy, do I LooooooVE food!!

One summer day in 2016, I was eating a box of goobers and my best friend said “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” 😳 My face was like HUH? and again she said, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Then, her facial expression and the words that came out of her mouth next, changed EVERYTHING……she said “I’m gonna’ need you to get your WHOLE life together” Unfortunately, I knew exactly what she was talking about.

So, I hit Coach Girt up and said “I know I signed up a LOOOOOONG time ago, but now I’m ready!!” His words to me were, “We’ve been waiting for you.” 😄👏🏽😄👏🏽

So then it begins; real life changes, making it to BootCamp, making better food choices and sticking to the plan!

I’m not one to get on the scale I get my guesstimated numbers by the fit of my clothes, but my clothing sizes were continually climbing…SHEESHl!! However after completing D2S Episodes 1 & 2 and the LBDP, I decided the scale wasn’t so bad, and it shows you the truth if you want to see it..LOL

During my “fitness and lifestyle change journey” I became ADDICTED to results and I wanted more!!! The LaB (LiveNow) has become a necessity and meal prepping has become a priority. I have learned that I CANNOT beat the fork! For real results I need to workout AND nutrition! They both play a major part!!!

Now I know ya’ll wanna know some numbers….so here it goooooooes….

July 2016, I walked into the LaB @ 178lbs – today, I’m 144lbs- Total of 34lbs DOWN 🙌🏽💪🏽🙌🏽💪🏽🙌🏽

July 2016 pants size 10( to today size 3/4- I don’t know what that is in inches but Who Freakin Cares!!! 😂

I’m actually purchasing size small shirts, I feel great and I know this is the life I deserve and want!!! 💪🏽✊🏽

When I say I got my WHOLE life together, I got my WHOLE life together. 💪🏽❤️


I lost 40lbs and my waist is 26 inches

LaTawnya Parker-WattsLive Now Fitness Member

“Thank you LiveNow Fitness! 💪🏽❤️

On my 49th birthday, I decided that in a year, I wanted to be healthy and 50 and fabulous I joined LiveNow Fitness and they literally changed my life. The first day, Coach Girt told me that LNF was their ministry and that “we are all family here”, at that point I knew this place was more than just a job to the coaching staff. I told him my goal and he said that we can make it happen. Little did I know that I would reach my goal in 4 months versus a year.

Thank you for all of my FitFam support and coaches for helping me to do my first pull up and encouraging me to take up bike riding.”

I've lost 15lbs and 3.75" off both my hips and waist! Thank you, LiveNow Fitness!

Diona ChenierLive Now Fitness Member

“Finding LiveNow Fitness (thanks to Deanna Spence) has been an AWESOME BLESSING in my life. The coaches are awesome and create such a fun, unique atmosphere that you WANT to come back to. The workouts are always challenging and never dull and boring. I’ve struggled with a consistent fitness program and get bored…not at LiveNow. They truly help you to deliver results. When I first started, I was practically moving up a clothing size (or two) and just had not found a rhythm beyond the summer workouts. I’ve been going hard since last fall, including during the holidays, travel and just regular life as a busy wife and mom. The D2S (Drop 2 Sizes) challenge was also quite life changing. I’ve improved my eating habits even more and even discovered other natural remedies and products (toothpaste, deodorant) that I incorporate daily now. With both the fitness rigor and improved eating habits, I’ve lost 15lbs and 3.75″ off both my hips and waist. It’s not about the numbers, but results are nice. The best part is I simply feel#STRONGER in so many areas and overall healthier. Thank you LiveNow Fitness!”

I honestly believe you all have literally "saved my life"...

David PhillipsLive Now Fitness Member

“I want to thank you and the LiveNow Fitness FaM for taking me from flabby and weak to firm and strong in just over 60 days.

I came to the LaB as a challenge from a friend at my Orthodontic office (Jessica!).

At that time I wasn’t sure what to expect…but after talking to you and interacting with the rest of the LiveNow Team, I immediately felt at home.

It was tough in the beginning…54 year old AA male, a 5:30 a.m. class, mostly women (more fit than me…ego check!…lol).

I had no confidence, and plenty of doubt…but the FiT FaM was soooooo encouraging and patient. You guys gave me the ATTENTION AND SUPPORT I needed to build my confidence, kick doubt in the azz, and get STRONGER!…mentally, physically, and emotionally.

So, roughly 60 days later, I’m in the LaB 3 to 4 hours per week. I’m down from 245lbs to 227lbs, down one shirt and two pant sizes. I’m eating healthier food/meals (low/no sugar, organic, grass fed, lots of green/colorful non processed – living FOOD!), sleeping better, AND my overall health and energy levels are off the charts (ask my wife…TMI?…lol!!…G’yeahhh!)!

My journey with the LiveNow FaM is not just about losing weight, it’s more about gaining strength, getting stronger, staying FiT, and breaking the cycle of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cancer that’s rampant in my family.

I honestly believe you all have literally “saved my life” and helped me break the cycle of bad health in my family…MUCH LOVE!!!!”

75lbs down in eight months!!

Claudette BrownLive Now Fitness Member

“Another fitness milestone met today! Beyond happy that I FINALLY got my head in the game and started getting serious about my health!! Can’t thank everyone enough for all the encouragement to keep pushing!! My wellness journey has been incredible thus far!! More goals to meet!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Special shout out to my inspirational Coach David S. Girton Jr.! Thank YOU”

Forever grateful to my #LiveNow FitFam

Tabitha GreenLive Now Fitness Member

“The pic on the left was from a photo shoot I did for my 50th birthday in August 2018. I walked into#LiveNowFitness the beginning of Oct 2018 pretty much the same size.

During this time, I have changed my eating habits along with consistent physical training and conditioning since Oct 2018 and I can safely say that I have gotten leaner, #STRONGER (mentally and physically) and overall just feeling AMAZING! 😍

Forever grateful to my #LiveNow FitFam for pushing, encouraging and supporting me on my path to greater personal wellness. This place is the real deal!”

Pam "Pammy" ThomasLive Now Fitness Member

“I’m developing muscles I didn’t even know existed. I’ve learned that eating healthy can taste good. Coach Girt kept telling me don’t worry about the number on the scale and that you will loose inches first. It’s true! My greatest source of inspiration is the encouragement from all the Coaches and the LiveNow family. Just when the workout feels the hardest, someone gives an encouraging word that gives you that burst of energy to push through. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement as my healthy living journey continues. (Down 15+lbs and 4+ inches) The friendly atmosphere, we are all in this together, can do attitude, super Coaches, and seeing /hearing other great testimonies is a great confidence booster! So DON’T QUIT & NEVER GIVE UP!”