What’s up! The story of LiveNow Fitness began long before it was founded in 2005. The foundation for it was being built when I was sitting at my Granny’s side watching her deal with diabetes and all that comes with it.

Did I know that then? Of course not but in hindsight I know that all those memories are the first bricks laid in the building of LiveNow Fitness. My Granny taught me to think for myself in addition to teaching me lots about every processed/fast food available —- being a kid of the 70-80’s those words weren’t as widely known as their are these days. A lot of it was new and sitting down at the table to eat home-cooked food was a normal thing.

From the time I was 6 or 7 years old til’ my mid-30’s my food choices were centered around mostly what came out of a window or what was packaged in a bottle, bag, or box. Even with my being super active with sports my eating habits were grounded in quick, sugary, salty and fatty.

It wasn’t until a sports injury in my mid-30’s that my food choices began to take a turn. At this point, I began spending a lot more time in the weight-room > the basketball court and with that came scooping up every magazine I could find on getting ripped. And just so happens there were lots of articles on eating a certain way.

The old way of eating didn’t disappear overnight as chicken breasts, broccoli, rice and tons of oatmeal began to round out my newfound nutritional habits. At this time I also quickly noticed how I could change my body in the gym and so did others – more foundational bricks were being put in place as people began to approach me about helping them.

And so it began, I was just helping people the best way I knew how through all I was learning from those magazines. Boom! It hit me like a ton of bricks! Let’s do some research and learn more about this personal training thing …a few weeks later I was secretly studying to be a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer alongside studying to be a Certified Unix Systems Administrator.

This is where the best cheerleader in the world should be mentioned – I only told my MoMs what I was doing and she said, “You can do whatever you put your mind to!.” She’s been saying it ever since!!! This phenomenal woman has truly shaped my belief in the power of positive thinking!

Yup, I got certified and started taking on more clients – before work, after work and sometimes during work if my scheduled allowed …lol …helping people attain their goals was my new purpose and of course as time went on my eating habits evolved into more cooking real food at home and reading ingredient labels like I was studying for a test.

By now, it’s 2008 and I tell a friend [nah, my Brother!] that I’ve formed a company and not too long after he’s asking if he can help me out. Boom again! More bricks! From 2008-2017 we put down many more bricks together …from training in my basement, client’s houses, parks, clubhouses, Soccerdomes to finally our own brick&mortar in 2013.

Time has flown by and many beautiful souls have allowed us to help them create STRONGER lives through fitness, nutrition and the power of a community with a positivity as its foundation — Thank YOUUUUUUU for trusting US to partner with YOUUUUUUU on this WE-llness journey!!!

P.S. – Shout-out to PoPs just because he’s that Dude helping to guide me from above.

Peace & Health,

David a.k.a. “Coach Girt”

™The HEALth Debt Coach